We do take books in for in-store credit only!

-Your credit will be in your name, and can be used by family members.

-We do not have set appointment times for bringing in books, please understand we may need 24 hours to process them.

- Books that are not selected for exchange will be recycled either in our "Free Box" outside, or the Town's Blue recycling box, passed on to charity, or returned to you.


                                 Look after your books!

- The better the book has been cared for, the more store credit you'll receive

- We can't resell a book that has taken a bath or been read by the dog!

- We have limited space/storage so we request keeping it to reasonable amounts (ie. 12 books and under)

- We may not necessarily take a book just because it was purchased at The Bookworm

- We do not accept magasines, text books, or encyclopedia sets we reserve the right to refuse any books brought to our store.


          We Take Quality Books, not a quantity of books!

    What we are always in need of:
-Mysteries, thrillers, Westerns, Sci-fi and     Fantasy, True Crime
-Good, clean children's books, especially
  chapter books. 
-Bookclub fiction in softcover

Store credit CANNOT be used for special orders, books by local authors sold on consignment or gift certificates.

Store credit is one of many services we offer but cannot be combined with other offers.


Personal libraries, estates and private collections can be shared with new readers at The Bookworm. With online listings, we serve clients across Canada the US and around the world. Please call or come speak to us if you need assistance with large amounts of books.

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