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Local History

A lot has been written about Perth and Lanark County. Some are local history, personal memoirs of growing up in the area, and stories of times past. Authors include: Arlene Stafford-Wilson, Larry D. Cotton, Claudia Smith, Ron W. Shaw and many more.

We also carry a great selection of authors from Perth and the surrounding area who have written fiction: R.M. Ferrier, Gene Bassett, Steve Wight and more...

Some other great sources can be: 

The Perth Museum/Perth Tourism(Visitor Info): 11 Gore St. E. Perth

The Archives at Drummond Centre:    1920 Con. 7 Road Drummond Centre

Perth and District Library:   30 Herriott St. Perth

See below for some of our current titles:

The Life and Times of Joe Perkins

John A. McKenty

Valley Snapshots - Notable Hockey Players from the Upper Ottawa Valley

Grant McCabb

Earth, Water, Fire -An Ecological Profile of Lanark County

Dr. Paul A. Keddy

Whiskey and Wickedness - Hastings County North - Gold Rush and Ghost Towns  1825 - 1915

Larry D. Cotton

Whiskey and Wickedness - Hastings County South- Unforgotten Places and People  1825 - 1915

Larry D. Cotton

Whiskey and Wickedness - The Turbulent Square Timber Era

Larry D. Cotton

Whiskey and Wickedness -  The Rideau Military Settlement 1816-1875

Larry D. Cotton

First we were Soldiers - The Long March to Perth

Ron W. Shaw

Forgotten Hero - Alexander Fraser 

Ron W. Shaw

First Persons of Perth-Influence and Ambition

Ron W. Shaw

A Swarm of Bees - Lanark Society Settlers 1800- 1900

Ron W. Shaw

Cheese Stakes - Lanark County's Mammoth Cheese and it's Place in Cheesemaking History

Ron W. Shaw

By Word of Mouth Volume 1

Claudia Smith

By Word of Mouth Volume 2

Claudia Smith