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                                                 Local Authors

We carry a great selection of authors from Perth and the surrounding area who have written fiction:

                R.M. Ferrier, Gene Bassett, Steve Wight and more...

                                                                            Local History

A lot has been written about Perth and Lanark County, some are local history, personal memoirs of growing up in the area, and stories of times past... authors include:

 Arlene Stafford-Wilson, Larry D. Cotton, Claudia Smith, Ron W. Shaw and many more...

We carry a greater selection in store of older out-of-print local history books, contact us for any         information about specific titles, prices and we can ship anywhere in the world!  

  Some other great sources can be: 

                               The Perth Museum/Perth Tourism(Visitor Info): 11 Gore St. E. Perth

                               The Archives at Drummond Centre:    1920 Con. 7 Road Drummond Centre,

                               Perth and District Library:   30 Herriott St. Perth

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Individual titles are listed below with prices and can be ordered through us.
 Shipping rates may vary depending on destination and may be higher to the US and international destinations, please contact us for a quote.
   The Life and Times of Joe Perkins by John McKenty
"Part showman, part salesman, was Joe Perkins a visionary or an opportunist? The people of Perth, Ontario, could never decide. This is the fascinating story of one man's attempt to drag his hometown into the 20th century."
The latest book from John McKenty is here!
                 NEW NOVEMBER 2019
                     New September 2019
       Valley Snapshots - Notable Hockey Players from the
                    Upper Ottawa Valley - Grant McCabb
A very comprehensive book on all the great NHL players from the Valley area over the years. Each player has a 1 - 2 page biography, stats and lots of great photos. Players include Frank Nighbor, Dave Trottier, Bert/Ted Lindsay, Jim Peplinski all the way up to Matt Peca and many more!

                Earth, Water, Fire - 

An Ecological Profile of Lanark County

              by Dr. Paul A. Keddy

An incredible book that is still popular with biologists, historians, geologists and just anyone interested in the natural history of Lanark County. Dr. Keddy, in over 30 years as a professor of biology, his studies have included wetlands, forests, and other upland communities of the Ottawa valley and the county.



                        NEW APRIL 2019

           New Release - Larry D. Cotton

                    Whiskey and Wickedness 

    Hastings County North - Gold Rush and Ghost Towns                                  1825 - 1915             


                     Whiskey and Wickedness

    Hastings County South - Unforgotten Places and People                                    1825 - 1915


               Whiskey and Wickedness
      The Rideau Military Settlement 1816-1875
              including the town of Perth
The Rideau River/Rideau Canal Settlements 1826-1875 Burritts Rapids, Smiths Falls, and Merrickville


    Volume 6 in the Ottawa Valley Series

         Whiskey and Wickedness

    The Turbulent Square Timber Era 


                          Ron W. Shaw
First we were Soldiers - The Long March to Perth
the story of the 1200 discharged British soldiers who were given settlement tickets for 'waste land' at the Perth(Ontario) Military Settlements.  $30.00
Forgotten Hero - Alexander Fraser (Co-written with M.E. Irene Spence)                               $25.00
Tales of the Hare - A Prequel and Sequel to the Last Fatal Duel                                              $30.00
First Persons of Perth-Influence and Ambition
a fresh look at Perth's earliest history and the men who made it. This thoroughly researched book will entertain and inform anyone with an interest in the War of 1812, early settlement of Upper Canada, genealogy or just the Town of Perth.  $30.00
                              NEW OCTOBER 2019
  A Swarm of Bees - Lanark Society Settlers 1800 - 1900
        A Journey from Scotland to Upper Canada and Utah
A very comprehensive book of genealogy of sections of Lanark County including Watsons Corners, McDonalds Corners and more. Includes family tree charts of local names: Borrowman, Brooks, Bryce, Caldwell. Donald, Duncan, Findley, Gardner, Hood, McIntosh and many more! 

                Rendition on Wellington Street:

      London Ontario's Unrepentant Confederates, and the KKK

 At the end of the American Civil War in 1865 two of the Confederate States' most prominent families fled into exile at London Ontario, where their homes soon became the terminus of a new sort of "Underground Railroad". KKK fugitives, wanted for murder and mayhem, arrived at their door seeking sanctuary under the British flag.....
                  NEW OCT.2018             $30.00
Cheese Stakes: Lanark County's Mammoth Cheese and it's Place in Cheesemaking History
Cheese Stakes explores the story of the Lanark County Mammoth Cheese in the context of its place in a long tradition of oversized cheeses, and examine the remarkable, never to be repeated, achievement it represented in the annals of the cheesemakers' art. Beautiful book, full of great black and white photos.

                                   Claudia Smith

   Volume 1 By Word of Mouth - Stories of Northern Lanark County

Stories of days past, colourful memories, glimpses of ancestors - it is akin to sitting with a grandparent and poring through a treasured       scrapbook or photo album.






Volume 2 in the      By Word of Mouth series

                            "Snowdrifts and Sleigh Bells"

A beautiful book of "Stories of winter days past, colourful Christmas memories and glimpses of ancestors". " Travel along as people meet Christmas visitors arriving on the K&P Railroad and hitch up sleighs

           to go to family celebrations and New Year's sprees".


Volume.1 Temporarily out of stock

               Arlene Stafford-Wilson
Lanark County Kid - My Travels Up and Down the Third Line               $22.00
Lanark County Chronicle - Double Back to the Third Line                          $22.00
Lanark County Calendar - Four Seasons on the Third Line                          $22.00
Lanark County Connections - Memories Among the Maples                  $22.00
Lanark County Classics - A Treasury of Tales from Another Time                 $22.00
Lanark County Calling - All Roads Lead Home        NEW OCT.2018    $22.00 
     25 Years Stewart Park Music Festival
 The Festival in Perth has been placed among the top 100 of the 3000 festivals in Ontario and some would say it's a good deal better than that, since it's free! These pages take you back to the beginning, when most of the pictures were black and white then progress to color. Wonderful stories, photos and a great history of the Music Festival in Perth Ontario.
Our Police - A History of the Smiths Falls Police Service 
                          - J.F. Richard Labelle
"An independent police service that serves a town that has historically always demonstrated its independence. From a one man police department in 1881 through the years to its present complement of 37 well trained and equipped members, the Smiths Falls Police Service has evolved to meet the needs of the community."  
                             Baseball Summer  -
          The Story of the 1937 Smiths Falls Beavers
                                Doug Phillips
In 1937, the Smiths Falls Beavers competed in the second season of the Class C Canadian-American League with many teams from New York State and around the Eastern Ontario area. A great history of that year and the prosperity of the town and area. 
               We have 2 titles in the University of Toronto Press series
                                       and 3 local history books:
#100 - Life in Ontario A Social History by G.P. deT. Glazebrook     $15.00
#176 - Ottawa Waterway Gateway to a Continent by Robert Legget $20.00
The Story of Lanark - Prepared and written by E.L.Jamieson           $40.00
The View from Foley Mountain - Peri Phillips McQuay                     $40.00
Hurling Down the Pine - John W. Hughson & Courtney C.J. Bond  $45.00

 Vine Rhymes - "Through the Ages"

A beautiful new collection from the members of Vine Rhymes who are song writers, poets and story tellers from Smiths Falls and area. First organized in 2005, they have had many members over the years; Margaret Barrance, David Dawson, Jason Miller, Linda Patchett and many more! 


                              Gene Bassett
     Tall Tales - Short Stories         $15.00
     Stolen Moments                         $20.00
     Saga to Raga 28 Stories          $20.00   NEW
All of Gene's books are compelling, thought provoking oral histories that illuminate his collections of short stories... fables of the land, the people, and the animals that surround and inspire him. He chronicles tales of his own life experiences and those of friends - common lives lived unconventionally.
      A Stain Upon the Land - Love and Death in Old Montreal
                                     by John Kalbfleisch
Blending fact and fiction, this book is a tale of intrigue, passion and violence that ranges from the Highlands of Scotland to the backwoods of Glengarry County, from the War of 1812 to a cholera epidemic that scourged Montreal in 1832.

$ 25.00

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                         Steve Wight 

     Local author from the Rideau Ferry area

               with a new book of fiction

                 "Perdition Granted"


  All profits from the sale of the book go to Indspire, an Indigenous-led registered charity that invests in the education of Indigenous people.


                                R.M. Ferrier
   "The Crow Flies South for the Winter"           $16.00
 " The Crow's Nest Lies beneath the Snow"      $16.00 
          "Murder Down the French Line"              $16.00
          "Kentucky Rose Garden"                          $16.00
          " Road Kill "            New Dec. 2018          $18.00
           " Joyfield "             New Dec. 2018          $16.00                        

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Local History

Larry D. Cotton's Whiskey and Wickedness: The Rideau Military Settlements 1816 - 1875