10 Reasons to Buy Used Books

1. It’s affordable.

Buying used is 50%-70% less expensive than buying new. And the more money you save… the more books you can buy!

2. It’s better for the environment.

Face it: billions of new books are printed each year. This involves millions of trees being cut down and results in millions of tons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. It’s a large footprint. Buying used books helps keep books out of landfills, saves trees and lowers our overall footprint. Why not do your part by picking up a used book instead?

3. It’s a great way to support local.

Small local shops are struggling right now, especially in the book industry. Get to know your local bookshop owner (they offer far better book reviews than Amazon any day!) and savour the experience of browsing the shelves in person.

4. Like people, some books just need to be held.

Sure, you can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can come to love a book by its heft, it’s texture and smell. E-readers just can’t compare.

5. Every book is unique.

Used books are filled with treasures. You might find little notes in the margins, passages underlined or sappy dedications inside the cover. Margin notes offer fresh perspectives on the books theme, and enhance your reading experience. You may even discover a connection to the previous owner.

6. Pristine books are overrated.

Books are meant to be read, not babied. Breaking the spine or spilling coffee on a used book is no biggie. Read it in the bath, while eating or while outside - and ditch the stress - just toss it in your bag and go. That’s the beauty of a used book.

7. You can share the love.

Ever read a book you loved, but can’t bring yourself to lend out your brand-spanking-new copy? Used books are far easier to lend or give. Once you’re finished you can pass the book on, leave it in a community library or donate it. And after all, if you love something, let it go!

8. That old book smell.

It’s hard to beat that charming, nostalgic smell. New books all smell the same. Used books, on the other hand, have spent years, decades, sometimes centuries collecting their own unique scent.

9. You’ll read more.

Nothing is more motivating than a giant stack of good reads just waiting for you on your bedside table. When books are affordable, you’ll buy more of them. And nothing motivates you to read more than an exciting stack of good books on your bedside table.

10. Discover unexpected treasures.

What’s better than browsing a used book store and finding an unexpected gem? An autographed copy of your favourite book, nifty vintage cover or a limited edition?

What are your favourite reasons for loving used books? Drop by The Bookworm Perth to browse our exciting collection, and find yourself a hidden gem!

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