Renovation Time!

We were busy in late January 2019 as we installed new flooring in the front half of the store! And it looks great! Very easy to install vinyl flooring planks helped to get the job done quickly.

The Bookworm has been renovating!

September/October 2015 saw some changes as we "upgraded our windows" to more modern doublepane windows to keep winter out! A big job, but worth it. We managed to repaint the entire storefront in new heritage colors of beige/ dark brown. We were lucky to have such great weather to be able to do some much outdoors in time for winter.



Thank you to everyone, ( Dad, Gene etc) who worked very hard getting it done. Windows were installed by Burchell glass,

               30+ Years!



As of October 2015, The Bookworm is entering it's 30 th year in Perth!

In the late 1980's, it was a wee store that originally started in a small lane way at 39 b Foster St. across from the great Chipmunk Chippery!


The business changed owners a few times before settling into the hands of the owner, Barb Gateley. It also changed locations a few times, due to unforseen circumstances; new landlords, rents, etc.

In 2007, it was decided to be our own landlords, and moved into the current location on Foster St. right next to the Red Fox Tavern.


The store has grown substantually, with the amount of books, and also the quality of books.

Most of our stock comes from either donations, or books brought in for store credit. The quality and selection of titles has greatly improved over the years as more books are being written and written about a greater range of subjects.

Very importantly also is that The Bookworm has also maintained the demand for out -of-print titles, classics, and rare books.

It's great that people still want to read "To Kill a Mockingbird", or "Catcher in the Rye". But try finding a copy of it! We almost always have copies of these great classics, as we know you still want to read them!


The Bookworm does also sell hard to find, out-of-print, signed, first editions on for a complete list of over 200 titles.

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